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About Daylene Moss

“Life is your palette, what color will you use today?"

~ Daylene Moss


I am not sure how this little saying came to be for me. However, I have always been drawn to bold colors and a fascination for creating “art” using various discarded materials such as aluminum, plastic, metal, and glass. Giving abandoned objects new life and purpose has become a passion of mine.

In creating, I want my art to explore the visual relationship between color, texture, and light – using vibrant colors and a variety of found objects. My inspiration is to try to contrast organic and industrial materials, hoping to evoke the viewer’s perspective with curiosity, whimsy, and enjoyment. 

The HeART strings are continually evolving for me. Color has the power to make people happy and smile. For me, I get to wake up and choose the color of my palette and I hope my art can bring that joy to you as well.

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